Goal 1,000

I’ve set a lofty goal for 2011:, to produce over 1,000 pounds of fruits, vegetables and herbs in the calendar year.

The January harvest numbers are in, and they are quite low as expected (18.9 lbs), since January is the most dormant month of our yearly growing cycle.

Citrus dominated the harvest, with a surprising crop of overwintering Bell Peppers not far behind.


2 thoughts on “Goal 1,000

  1. Wow, I never even considered keeping track of this. Did you just get into the habit of weighing each time you harvest or is there some other trick to help remember to do this?

  2. Actually, I was inspired by the folks at path to freedom. ( I have there link on my blog.) They grew over 7,000 lbs on 1/10 of an acre and they weigh everything. So I was inspired to see just how much I could grow. I bought a scale and started weighing my harvest starting last July. Once you get in the routine of weighing everything, it becomes second nature.

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