Welcome to Harmony Valley Farms

New to the blog?  Then pull up a chair, relax and stay a spell.  Catch up on the archives, we have a lots of things going on around the farm.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Harmony Valley Farms

  1. Really enjoying your blog and your blogroll tags…I am refueled…I think I’ll try some gardening in the city…keep up the good work!

  2. Very cool website Dan.

    I’ll be sure to put my posting about all the great “gifts” I have received from the farm. As always, I will rave about the eggs. I feel like a chicken should be named after me soon!

    The veggies have always been wonderful. Since I only cook for one, it is always best I get the smaller ones so nothing goes to waste.

  3. I love your blog ~ I am so proud of you!!!

    And I’m fascinated by the worm bin…it sits outside our back door and I’ve never had the nerve to open up the bin. Now I know what it looks like!

    As someone once said on a very special trip to China one year….you are a very organized man.


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