Checking in on the worm bin, compost is looking great!

It’s been a while since I have posted any updates on the worm bin that I started in the Summer of 2010.  I add vegetable, fruit scraps, cofee grounds, and black and white shredded newspaper to the bin.  And then I add just enough water to the pile to keep it moist,like a wrung out sponge.


Here is the worm bin, situated in partial shade underneath the volunteer California Fan Palm that is over 15 feet tall now!

Inside the worm bin, I have a piece of cardboard that goes over the top of this to help keep the contents contained and maintain adequate moisture content.


It is amazing how much the worms, in this case red wigglers reduce the size of the contents of the bin.  A few months ago this bin was almost full, now it is only about 20 % full.

But what is left after the worms have done their magic is pure compost black gold!


Here is a close-up of the red wigglers:


Vermiculture, or composting with worms is a relatively easy way to obtain incredible soil amendments for your garden over time.  Plus, the worm bin recycles all of those vegetable and fruit scraps.  I use red wigglers as opposed to earthworms for composting.  The red wigglers are much more active and effective at composting.  My local source for red worms was Sharon’s Worm World in Ramona, California.  Her contact information is if you are interested in getting a starter batch of worms.  The cost was around $15 I believe for a pretty good amount of red wigglers.  She also distributes them to the local Walter Anderson’s Nursery in Poway.

Sharon’s Worm World
310 Creelman Lane
Ramona, CA 92065
– Please call to order
Contact: Sharon McLachlan
Phone: (760) 419-6524


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