It’s February, so it must be….Spring?

The calendar says it is truly February, but the garden has awakened with our unseasonably warm weather that manifested in January and now into February. With daytime temperatures reaching into the low 70’s, many of the plants are quite confused.  But nature knows best and I just can only hope and pray that we do not get a late frost in March and April.

The Snow Peach has really come alive with blossoms this week, and the bees are becoming very active.  This guy looks likes he is hanging on for dear life! (click on picture)

The Almond trees (three in all) are in full blooming glory right now…

If this weather holds, I might be looking at a record crop of both Almonds and Peaches this year.


4 thoughts on “It’s February, so it must be….Spring?

  1. Wow, I’m jealous of your California climate. Spring for me is a long way off. I can’t even start any vegetable seedlings indoors for another month and a half!

  2. The same happened to our apricot tree. It has completely bloomed and we could hear the bee buzzin’ around it. Last year we had a ton (figure of speech) and we canned the majority for Christmas presents. No kidding, we still have about 50 1 quart jars shelved.

    Your farm is awesome for you and your family. Love the pics!


    1. That’s incredible Adrian! We have had zero success with our Apricot trees down here, either outright dying or just producing zero fruit. I may have to give them another try in the future. thanks for the kind words!

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