Got citrus? Tangerines, lemons, and calamondins are ready for harvest.

It has been a very successful year at Harmony Valley Farms when it comes to our Citrus trees.  Seven new varieties of Citrus sp. were planted this year, bringing the grove up to 11 total cultivars.  Blood oranges , minneolas and valencia oranges hopefully will be ready to harvest next year.

The tangerine variety is an Algerian tangerine, also known by the common name of “Clementine”.  These are the first fruit produced by this tree and look and taste magnificent.

Two of the three varieties of lemons are loaded with fruit right now, the ever dependable “Eureka” lemon that we established on the farm about 6 years ago, and the newly planted “Myers” lemon.

Eureka, loaded down with fruit…

Myers Lemon

Which brings me to the Calamondin….just what exactly is it?

Last year, I was searching for Citrus trees that were a bit off the beaten path, looking for anything unusual and with this Calamondin, I think I’ve found it.  Calamondins are very frost hardy, extremely prolific, making small fruit about the size of a dime that resemble miniature oranges.  The Calamondin, also known as sour orange is very popular in Asian cuisine.  The peel is sweet, but the inside is very sour.  Calamondins are used to make a multitude of drinks, pastries and an ingredient in meat dishes such as chicken which I am going to be experimenting with (stay tuned).



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