Spring is Berry good

The chickens are locked up this year during strawberry season and surprise!  We are getting a very delicious yield of vine ripe strawberries from the garden.  These strawberries taste sooooo good compare to those tasteless giant strawberries sold in stores.  So for now, the chickens look out longingly at the strawberry patch while we enjoy the fruit of our labor.


2 thoughts on “Spring is Berry good

  1. I can’t wait for my to ripen (they’re only just flowering now). This is the first year I’ve ever grown strawberries. Do you still keep yours under netting to deter wild birds?

  2. I did away with the netting and as long as I am on top of harvesting, the wild birds seem to leave the crop alone. I do lose a few to earwigs and pillbugs munching on them, but I get the majority of the crop.

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