Altruism and gardening?

What is it about us gardeners that makes us want to share our harvest with family, friends and complete strangers?

I have been offered numerous advice from said people that I should profit from my hard work and sell my produce, perhaps opening up a farm stand.

Perhaps in the future I will do so, but in the meantime I do enjoy the pleasure I give to people by handing them fresh natural produce, por gratis.

If that isn’t vegetable karma, I don’t know what it is.

As I still chase my lofty goal of producing 1,000 pounds of produce in this calendar year of 2011, I know that the majority of the crop yield will be given away.

In this age of buyer beware, where we have to be so careful about what we buy and consume, with all of the potential health pitfalls associated with corporate foods, I am more than happy to share “honest” food with family and friends.


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