Pontificating about pantyhose and peaches

For the first year ever, the farm will have a peach harvest!  For years, the birds have feasted on the ripening peaches leaving us with nothing.  I have tried preventitive measures in the past such as bird -netting over the entire tree, but that never worked well and usually I would have to rescue a few birds caught in the netting.

This year I stumbled upon something from the home orchard society called nylon fruit footies.  Basically, pantyhose pieces that cover the entire developing fruit and they expand as the fruit matures.  They worked out extremely well this year, not one fruit when to the birds.  The only drawback is the method is labor intensive as you have to slip the nylon hose over each individual fruit.  But in the end I do believe it was worth the effort!

I harvested over 15lbs of fruit, over 60 peaches!


















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