Breaking ground…

Favorable weather conditions allowed me to fill the first garden bed with soil today.  It feels good to be “gardening” again after a few months hiatus since the initial demolition took place in November.  This first bed will be planted with onion and leeks to christen the new garden.  I am using my well composed year old pile of horse manure exclusively for the soil.



This bed took only 15 wheel barrow loads to fill ( my original calculation was 30 wheel barrow loads per bed, so my back is happy).  So only approx. 135 loads to fill up the entire new garden.  Not bad.  And not stressful.  Gardening should never cause angst in any shape or form, since to me, its whole purpose is to relieve stressors.  And here is my short-term plan for planting the rest of the garden:

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.39.55 PM

Green is January, pink is February (Valentines) and March/April is the rest (the warm weather crops).  A very doable schedule for planting crops/filling beds with soil.  I estimate it takes me just a few hours to fill and plant a garden bed from start to finish.



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