2/18/2016 – Some progress

Work continues on the garden project, although slowed a bit by inclement weather, sickness of said blogger for about a week and real life / real work issues.  But it is a slow journey that will pay off in the long run.  The third bed is partially filled with Romaine lettuce now and will be sequentially planted to stagger the harvest.  Also, notice the shade cloth, due to the fact we hit 90 degrees in February!  The shade cloth will remain to prevent bolting on all of the “winter” crops.

The irrigation is going in as well.  With the wet weather, shallow trenches were easily dug to put the PVC lines in place.  Hopefully, the garden will be fully automated for watering before the end of February.  Each garden will have its own individual shut-off valve to control water usage per bed.  This is meant to save water by controlling which garden beds receive water throughout the growing season.

I am waiting on my horse manure connection to deliver more material so I can fill additional beds with “soil”.  Tomato planting is right around the corner!


Detail of PVC pipe irrigation feed to individual bed. (emitters will be hooked up to the main feed lines in each bed to control water output).


Romaine Lettuce starts.






Radishes and Beets



Onions and Leeks growing well.



20160218_155151_resizedShadecloth in place over Romaine lettuce.


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