Drip irrigation system is in place and it is hooked up to an automatic timer.  I can relax a bit now knowing that the garden can water itself now and I don’t have to rush home from work on a hot day and break out the garden hose.

For the drip system:  I used 3/4″ PVC pipe underground and up to the top ledge of the beds.  PVC is virtually indestructible to gophers and other chewing pests.  From the PVC pipe, I converted with adaptors to 1/2″ flexible black drip irrigation hose, and use compression fittings for the elbows and end pieces.  Water is delivered through a small emitter called a “shrubbler” here which you can twist to allow for varied water output or to just shut them off individually.  Each bed consisted of 8 “shrubblers”, with each one assigned to water 4 square feet of the bed.  Each bed also has a shut-off valve so I can choose to turn off an entire bed from watering if I choose too.

still waiting on my manure connection to come and deliver more so I can keep filling the remaining beds.  More to come…


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